NeeBooFit Resistance Tube Band 12-Piece Set

  • 12-Piece Set: 5 high-quality tube bands in 5 resistance levels, 2 comfort grip handles, 2 comfort fit ankle straps, 1 safety door anchor, 1 convenient carry bag, and 1 instructional exercise booklet
  • High Quality Latex Resistance Tubes: Each band attaches with a securely stitched connector using a zinc-alloy metal carabiner. The resistance level is printed on each end of the band. The bands are 44 inches long (not counting the nylon/metal connectors) and stackable for even more resistance levels.
  • Comfortable grips and straps: We put extra focus on your comfort with extra padding on our handles and neoprene lining on the inside of the ankle straps. The ankle straps have velcro the full length of the straps so they will provide a snug comfortable fit on any size ankle.
  • Professional Grade Strength Materials for Your Safety: We ensure the highest quality materials throughout. Premium continuous dipped natural latex, sturdy zinc-alloy metal carabiner clips, woven nylon webbing with quality stitching, dense neoprene, extra-thick door anchor.
  • NO RISK! GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. Full satisfaction or we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked! VOLUME DISCOUNTS are listed below – up to 20% off


Why Choose Resistance Tube Bands?

  • Great for working your upper and lower body
  • Portable for on-the-go use – the simplest way to work out anywhere!
  • Use them for Physical Therapy/Rehab, Brazil Butt Lift, P90X, and more
  • Safer than dumbbells – they won’t hurt when you drop them on your foot!
  • Combine multiple bands for even more options

Why NeeBooFit?

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Lifetime Warranty on all products
  • Multiple resistance levels color coded and clearly labeled with the resistance level in lbs and kgs
  • Our bands are made with premium materials with a focus on safety and comfort
  • We test our bands to ensure consistent quality
  • Includes 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, and a door anchor
  • Clip multiple bands onto the handles for even more levels!

What’s In the Box?

  • Yellow (3 pound) 44″ resistance tube band
  • Green (5 pound) 44″ resistance tube band
  • Red (8 pound) 44″ resistance tube band
  • Blue (13 pound) 44″ resistance tube band
  • Black (19 pound) 44″ resistance tube band
  • 2 comfort grip handles
  • 2 comfort fit ankle straps
  • 1 extra secure door anchor
  • 1 cloth pull-string carry bag
  • 1 exercise booklet

NeeBooFit Tube Bands – Resistance Table

Approximate resistance levels (in LBS) for each band when stretched 2x in length (to 96″ total):

Color Level Stretched 2x (to 96″ total length)
Yellow Light 3 LBS
Green Medium 5 LBS
Red Heavy 8 LBS
Blue X-Heavy 13 LBS
Black XX-Heavy 19 LBS