NeeBooFit Product Reviews

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“The bands are awesome. I have recommended them to others that ordered another brand that were not durable like these are. These are the best to me!!”

“These bands are easily portable and require very little room, yet they also provide a great workout. I was able to do a full body workout in 15 minutes!”

“These are the best! They are the perfect length, and resistance for a more advanced band workout. The anchor works great and i had no worries of the band slipping. Wonderful!”

“These bad boys are awesome. I immediately started using then upon arrival and I have to say they changed my world.”

“These resistance bands are amazing and so effective! Both the seller and the product exceeded my expectations. The bands are of high quality and very durable. You definitely get a workout using them.”

“Bottom line: I’m super impressed with this tube fitness set! My honest opinion is you can’t go wrong with this set of resistance bands!”

“I love this band! It is nice and thick and feels like it will last a long time, unlike other bands I’ve tried.  [Others] are very thin and feel like they will snap on you.”

“Great product. Very well made and very sturdy. Worked great for my WOD. Will definitely be using this product and ordering again.”

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