NeeBooFit Resistance Pull-Up Band Reviews

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We’re proud our newest product has a 100% 5-star rating on Amazon! Take a look at some of our favorites:

“I love this band! It is nice and thick and feels like it will last a long time, unlike other bands I’ve tried.  [Others] are very thin and feel like they will snap on you.”

“Great product. Very well made and very sturdy. Worked great for my WOD. Will defiantly be using this product and ordering again.”

“I really liked this band mainly because it is thicker than most bands that are thin and seem like might break easily. It feels very durable and will last. Regarding the workout it works you out great you really break a sweat. You can always get the other bands for different resistance levels. I am quite satisfied with this product.”

“High quality durable band that is versatile in my workouts. Love it for my rehab work!:

“Super useful. These bands work great. I got one and use it for knee work outs and my gymnast daughter uses it for shoulder workouts. Pro: These are sold as single bands and you can choose the thickness/weight resistance you’re interested in.”

“This band is really thick and works great!”

“Heavy duty long rubber bands have been appearing more frequently as a workout aide, and I think they are a remarkable prop for expanding a workout outside the gym. I’m especially fond of using these with a pull-up bar to train my muscle-up and gain some extra reps with form on pull-ups and some of the more challenging variations.”