Resistance Pull-Up Bands

  • Perfect for assisted pull-ups!  Helps you achieve pull-ups with proper form and adds additional reps to your routine!.
  • Sold as a single band: Purchase exactly what you need!
  • Choose 1 of the 5 resistance levels: Select the color that provides exactly the resistance that’s right for you!
  • Made of eco-friendly natural latex: All bands are 41″ long and 4.5mm thick.
  • Combine bands for even more choices: To get the right resistance, you can combine this with 1 or more other bands to get just the right level.
  • NO RISK! GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. Full satisfaction or we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked!


Why Choose Resistance Pull-Up Bands?

  • Great for perfecting your pull-up form!
  • Allows you to add more reps to your workout routine!
  • Portable for on-the-go use – the simplest way to work out anywhere!
  • Safer than dumbbells – they won’t hurt when you drop them on your foot!
  • Affordable, portable, and easy to store!

Why NeeBooFit?

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Lifetime Warranty on all products
  • Multiple color-coded resistance levels
  • Our bands are made with premium materials with a focus on safety and comfort
  • We test our bands to ensure consistent quality

How Can You Use Pull-Up Bands?

  • Perfect for stretching and full-body exercises for your hamstrings, thighs, hips, and more!
  • Perfect for assisted pull-ups so you can complete pull-ups with proper form or add more reps to your routine
  • You can also use them for Powerlifting, Physical Therapy/Rehab, Pilates, CrossFit, P90X, Insanity, etc.

NeeBooFit Resistance Pull-Up Bands:


 Width of band

 Approximate Resistance:

Red  .5″ (13 mm) 10-35 lbs.
Black  .75″ (19 mm) 30-60 lbs.
Purple  1.25″ (29 mm) 40-80 lbs.
Green  1.75″ (45 mm) 50-125 lbs.
Blue 2.5″ (64 mm) 65-175 lbs.