Massage Balls

  • 3 DIFFERENT SIZES AND SHAPES – So you can find the right fit for you! 16cm x 8cm Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball, 8cm Spiky Ball, and 6.4cm “Lacrosse” Style Ball
  • PORTABLE – Small and lightweight design allows you to take these anywhere in the INCLUDED CARRY-BAG!
  • INNOVATIVE NEW DESIGN – The Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball is the best of both worlds, it works like a foam roller but is light and compact like a massage ball. The shape is excellent for cradling your leg, arm, side or spine and comfortably roll out those trigger points!
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE – We use the highest quality materials and test them out in our exercise facilities.
  • NO RISK! GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. Full satisfaction or we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked!


Why Use Massage Balls?

  • Perfect for psoas and diaphragm release for chronic pain relief
  • Great for finding myofascial trigger points in your quads, calves, lats, shins, spine, scapula, glutes, and feet
  • Portable for on-the-go use – the simplest way to get pain relief anywhere!
  • Not as bulky as foam rollers or massage sticks
  • Affordable, portable, and easy to store!

Why NeeBooFit?

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Lifetime Warranty on all products
  • 3 different shapes and sizes specially designed to meet almost any self-massage need
  • The only massage ball set that includes the innovative Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball!
  • Our massage balls are made with premium materials with a focus on durability and comfort
  • We test our bands to ensure consistent quality

What’s in the bag?

  • Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball – 16cm x 8cm. Same material (EPP) as a Foam roller, but shaped like a peanut
  • Spiky Ball – 8cm diameter. PVC material with gentle spikes to allow more give and cushion
  • “Lacrosse” Style Ball – 6.4cm diameter. Looks like a lacrosse ball, but made with silicone for similar density but more comfortable use
  • High Quality Pull-String Carry Bag so you can take them anywhere
  • Exercises and resources are provided online with detailed self-massage videos so we can keep you up to date