NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band Reviews

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We’re proud our Resistance Loop Bands have over 450 5-Star reviews on Amazon! Take a look at some of our favorites:

Best price set Amazon has. Even my therapists thought these perfect for me.

“Quite a variety in the resistance from the easiest to the most difficult. I am glad that I got the set of 6 because it adds more variety to my workout.”

“These bands come in a nice, little portable drawstring pouch.”

“I’ve used these for a few weeks now and they have provided good resistance and tension without stretching out. I like the colors which makes it easy to organize. I’m happy with this purchase.”

“OMG! My legs were burning (in a good way).”

“This kit has longer bands than usual (12″) and is much better made.”

“I am an Aquatics Coach at a high school and my players are flocking to use these bands…they are more useful than dumbbells!”

“The bands are awesome. I have recommended them to others that ordered another brand that were not durable like these are. These are the best to me!!”

“Superb response from NeeBooFit Customer Support to a question!”

“These bands are easily portable and require very little room, yet they also provide a great workout. I was able to do a full body workout in 15 minutes!”

“[The bands] offer such a wide variety of exercises and resistances.”

“Exactly what I wanted and expected. My trainer owns these and I decided to buy them for myself. They’re perfect!!”

“They come with an instruction booklet with pictures describing a good sampling of exercises.”

“[The bands] grip to your hands or feet so that you can gain strength without worrying about them sliding off.”

“So convenient to have such a range of bands in a nifty to go pouch.”

“Bought these for my trainer after I broke one of her bands. She was very happy and said they were better than the ones she had.”