Introducing the NeeBooFit Massage Ball Set!

Check out our newest product!  Introducing the NeeBooFit Massage Ball Set!  Our massage balls come in 3 shapes, sizes and densities and are great for working out pain through myofascial release.

Our innovative Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball is a blend of the best of both worlds! It is made of the same material as a standard foam roller, but it is small and portable and shaped like a peanut to allow you to cradle your legs, arms, or spine for a better and more comfortable fit.

Our lacrosse-style ball is a similar size to a lacrosse ball but made of silicone to provide a more comfortable surface. This is perfect for rolling out tough trigger points on various spots on your body such as your glutes, psoas, diaphragm, or scapula.

The spiky ball is best for more tender spots as the spikes actually provide more give for a softer touch. They are great for using on the bottom of the foot as well as any other trigger points that are more sensitive.


Use the following coupon code to order NeeBooFit Massage Ball Set and you’ll be on your way to portable self massage. The coupon code is valid until the end of this month (5/31/17). To use it, simply copy and paste this code into the promo code box during checkout on


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NeeBooFit at Equinox

NeeBooFit made a splash at Equinox Sport Club’s VIP Holiday Party in West L.A. last month. Tier X clients received NeeBooFit products in their holiday gift bags – we’re looking forward to hearing about all the ways that Equinox’s most valuable clients use their NeeBooFit products in their exercise routine.