Introducing the NeeBooFit Massage Ball Set!

Check out our newest product!  Introducing the NeeBooFit Massage Ball Set!  Our massage balls come in 3 shapes, sizes and densities and are great for working out pain through myofascial release.

Our innovative Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball is a blend of the best of both worlds! It is made of the same material as a standard foam roller, but it is small and portable and shaped like a peanut to allow you to cradle your legs, arms, or spine for a better and more comfortable fit.

Our lacrosse-style ball is a similar size to a lacrosse ball but made of silicone to provide a more comfortable surface. This is perfect for rolling out tough trigger points on various spots on your body such as your glutes, psoas, diaphragm, or scapula.

The spiky ball is best for more tender spots as the spikes actually provide more give for a softer touch. They are great for using on the bottom of the foot as well as any other trigger points that are more sensitive.


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Kinesthetic Learning and Resistance Bands: A Great Pair!

Kinesthetic learners and NeeBooFit Resistance Loop BandsDid you know that there are different types of learning styles?  While some people learn best by listening or reading, others learn best when they’re moving.  For these kinesthetic learners, it’s not enough to just use your brain to learn something – you have to involve your whole body.  Teachers have great and innovative ways to include movement in their lessons: dancing, games, hand gestures, and more.  But it’s not always feasible to get an entire class up and moving.  How can a teacher accommodate kinesthetic learners while maintaining enough peace and order for other types of learners?

Keep your kinesthetic learners moving…quietly!

One effective strategy uses NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands in an inventive way.  Just loop the band between the legs of a student’s desk or chair, and the student can place his or her feet on the band to push and pull against it.  This provides plenty of kinesthetic movement for the student while maintaining peace and order in the classroom.  In fact, Utah Valley University lists “Sit where you can move as needed without disturbing others” as a key strategy for kinesthetic learners.

Experts agree…

Lori Buckley, a school-based occupational therapist, concurs that the strategy can help movement-based students learn in a traditional classroom environment.  “I often recommend these bands to teachers who have children who fidget, have difficulty paying attention in class, and move a lot.  If you put the bands on the students’ chair legs, it can help the kids stay more focused when they push and pull on the bands with their feet.  It can be used in elementary, middle school, high school or even with adults.”

Teresa Olsen, a teacher in the Chicago suburbs, agrees that using NeeBooFit resistance loop bands can help students focus in class.  We received this great letter describing how NeeBooFit resistance loop bands have transformed her classroom.

Dear NeeBooFit,

Over the holidays, I happen upon an Amazon lightening deal for your three pack of fitness bands.  I decided immediately that I needed to buy them, but my decision had nothing to do with fitness.
I am a middle school math teacher in a suburb of Chicago.  I have students that are unable to think without moving.  I try to incorporate movement whenever possible, but sometimes a student has to sit to work on something.  This is where your bands have made a major impact.  Like I said, I only purchased the three pack, so I had to strategically place them around the room to benefit the students that would use them the most.  With just over a month of use, I have seen an increase in focus and attention by a number of students.  In fact, everyday a number of students ask to sit at the desk with the “bouncy things” because it “helps them to think”.
My hope is to add these to all of my desks because it has been so impactful.  Thank you for making a great and strong product that not only helps with fitness, but also is helping in education.
Thanks again!
Teresa Olsen

Kinesthetic Learners and NeeBooFit Resistance Loop BandsDo you want to try using NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands in your classroom?  We recommend the XX-Heavy or the XXX-Heavy bands, to provide the most resistance.  Our volume discounts make it feasible to outfit an entire classroom of desks with Loop Bands.  Check them out!

  • Save up to 20% on Loop Band Sets when you purchase 5 or more.
  • Save up to 45% on Individual Loop Bands when you purchase 20 or more.

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Introducing NeeBooFit Resistance Pull-Up Bands!

Pull-up bands - All bands, packaged

Check out our newest product!  Introducing NeeBooFit Resistance Pull-Up Bands!  Our Resistance Pull-Up Bands are great for performing assisted pull-ups – they allow you maintain correct form and add reps to your routine.  Made of 4.5 mm thick eco-friendly latex, our Resistance Pull-Up Bands are 41″ long, giving you plenty of options for stretching and full-body exercises.  We’ve got 5 different bands available, each with a different resistance level to create your perfect routine.

For a great explanation of how to use Resistance Pull-Up Bands, take a look at this great instructional video:

Now, order NeeBooFit Resistance Pull-Up Bands and you’ll be on your way to great pull-up form.  Questions about our new product?  Contact us!