Our massage balls are awesome for helping work on tension in your overused or sore shoulder area including your triceps. Click on the video above to watch as Carrie demonstrates using the massage balls to roll out and stretch her shoulders and triceps.


  • Use the Double Foam Roller Peanut Ball.
  • Lie down on your side and rest your triceps in the groove of the peanut ball.
  • Roll back and forth slowly, smoothly and gently looking for hot spots or trigger points.
  • Get to your shoulder area too by rolling your hips back slightly.
  • Alternate method: put the peanut ball on a chair or bench and rest your triceps on top of the ball, rolling it along the chair/bench.
  • Roll out your muscles for at least 30 seconds.
  • Another alternate method is to lie down on your back with your shoulder over the groove of the peanut ball.
  • Follow up the rolling session with a stretch by putting your elbow up against an edge of a wall and stepping into it to slide your elbow up the wall and stretch the tricep along the wall.

Special thanks to Skirt Sports for the leggings that Carrie is wearing in this video!