Ah, we love autumn, don’t you? Summer’s heat is gone and the leaves are beginning to change, but it’s still warm enough to take your workout outdoors. Before you’re cooped up inside for the winter, why not take your NeeBooFit Resistance Tube Bands to the local park and get in a great workout?

The best thing about working out with our tube bands is that as you get stronger, you can increase the resistance to continue challenging yourself. We suggest starting with some of the lighter bands (yellow and green) and working up to the heavier bands. For even more specific weights, combine our bands to get the exact weight resistance you desire.

Next time you’re heading outside to workout, find yourself a lamppost, tree, or pole and try out this set of resistance tube band exercises from the great people over at Mind Body Green. You’ll strengthen your core, raise your heartrate, and get a nice dose of fresh air…all at the same time!