In this 8-part series, we’ll teach you how to use our latest product, NeeBooFit Resistance Pull-Up Bands.  Ideal for assisted pull-ups, our Resistance Pull-Up Bands are also great for a whole range of exercises.  Buy a set today and check back each week for a new video in this series.

For the third video in our series, we’ll learn how to perform lat rows, in both a standing and kneeling position.  Lat Rows are an excellent exercise to tighten your posterior chain and NeeBooFit Assisted Pull-Up Bands make this exercise easy and convenient.  Here’s how to do them:


  • Wrap the band around a pole and ensure the band has equal length on each side.
  • Hold the band by placing your hands through the loop on each end with your palms facing together.
  • Tighten your belly and extend the elbows.
  • Pull back by retracting your shoulder blades and pulling your hands into your sides.
  • Release back to straight by extending your elbows.

Tip: Hold your palms up if you want to work your biceps.