We’re always looking for more ways to incorporate exercises into our everyday routines.  Household chores may not be anyone’s favorite activity, but they can be a great way to fit more exercise into your day.  You might even find yourself with a cleaner house – and a fitter body!
Image - Get Fit While Spring Cleaning


Sweeping can be a wonderful exercise for the oblique muscles when done mindfully and evenly.  Think about pulling in your abdominals and waist line and be sure to change sides.  It can be difficult to sweep ambidextrously, but give it a try! You’ll improve. Once you start looking, you’ll find plenty to sweep.  Don’t forget to sweep outdoors too – your garage, front porch, and deck could surely use some cleaning.

Scrubbing the floor

If you think about it, scrubbing a shower floor or kitchen floor on your hands and knees basically pulls you in and out of a plank position. Be sure to use a pad or folded towel under your knees for comfort.  Reach forward as far as you can and pull back up again to really engage your ab muscles.

Washing windows

Wiping smooth surfaces like mirrors, glass tables, and windows gives you a chance to feel the burn in your arms and shoulders.  Be sure to switch arms to get a balanced workout.


When you carry a laundry basket, remember to stand up straight, engage your core muscles by drawing your belly button back and pulling your waist in, and do a good squat to pick it up and set it down. Relax your shoulders and hold it close to your body.

Cleaning up after pets

When you pick up dog poo or clean litter boxes, remember to use those legs. Before you know it, you may have added 20 more squats or lunges into your day. Using the legs and hips to lower yourself to the ground is much better on your lower back. Your cats appreciate a daily litter box scooping and your neighbors will appreciate living near your nice, clean yard!

Washing your car

Washing your car gives you plenty of opportunities to work your muscles.  Use your legs as your reach low to scrub the wheels and lower doors.  Reach high and scrub fast, alternating arms, to work your shoulders, back, and arms.  And every time you pick up your bucket of soapy water, take the opportunity to do some bicep curls.


Most people may find housework a chore, but now you know how to see it as an opportunity to use the body smartly, burn some calories, and tone the muscles.  So next time, instead of the gym, stay home and clean!