This is the seventh and final exercise in our series detailing how to integrate NeeBooFit Resistance Bands into your yoga practice.  Check our archives for the full sequence!

Adding NeeBooFit resistance bands to your yoga practice can sculpt your arms and add a new dimension of strength training for your whole body.  Practice this series of poses first without the bands, then go back through the list and add them in. You will need your NeeBooFit Resistance Therapy Flat Bands and a X-Heavy or XX -Heavy Resistance Loop Band.  Remember to try a few repetitions with a lighter band first, then determine if you need a heavier band. Choose a resistance that allows for 8-12 reps per side and fatigues the targeted muscles by the end of the set.

This exercise works the legs, butt, and shoulders.


    • Use a NeeBooFit Resistance Flat Band in a light or medium resistance level.
    • Place band securely under your front foot with equal length on both sides.
    • Keep the front knee bent at 90 degrees.
    • Draw in your belly as you press your arms up, keeping your wrists straight.
    • For added difficulty, bend the knee as your lower your arms.

Tip: Maintain an upright posture throughout the set with tailbone pointing straight down.