We all know that vacations are about relaxation, right?  But staying active while on vacation might be good for your mood as well as your body!  Since exercise can raise endorphin levels and promote a sense of well-being, it may be just the thing to ensure you achieve total relaxation on your trip.  Here are six ways to stay active while on vacation:

1.  Bring along easy to pack equipment

One of our favorite things about NeeBooFit products is how easy they are to pack!  For instance, our Resistance Loop Band Set takes up only the space of a t-shirt and come with their own carrying bag.  With this set, you’ll be able to get a great strength training workout wherever you travel.

2. Take advantage of the hotel gym

This might seem like an obvious one, but since so many hotel gyms are empty so often, we figured it was worth mentioning!  Hotel gyms may not always be the swankiest, but they’ll give you a chance to use different equipment than you might usually try.

3.  Use the stairs

Stairs are everywhere when you’re traveling!  At the airport, in your hotel, and on the subway, avoid the escalators and hoof it up the stairs.  You’ll burn calories as you move and it won’t even feel like a workout, since you’re looking forward to where you’re headed.  Bonus points if you’re schlepping a suitcase!

4.  Get around with public transportation

From the subway to the bus to the train, public transportation will keep you moving.  You’ll often have to walk blocks to get to your destination from the nearest stop.  Even better: you’ll save money!  Walking while on vacation is the easiest way to make sure you get your daily movement in, and the view will keep you entertained as you move.

5.  Try a fun new activity

If you like adventure, consider trying a heart-pumping new activity while on vacation.  Stand-up paddle boarding, for instance, torches calories, works nearly every muscle in your body, and has the bonus of being a whole lot of fun!  You could also rent bikes, take a surfing lesson, or rent some snowshoes – get your body moving and have fun at the same time!

6.  Take a run

You may run all the time at home, but running while on vacation can be a whole different experience.  Bring along your smartphone to help you find your way and hit the streets!  You’ll see new scenery along the way and will transform your boring old run into a fun, sightseeing activity.